wonderful wondering

friendship | philosophy | poems

wonderful wondering
where the varied melody
transfixed as a memory
call for charms exemplary

twitter of a bird
in flight to night the sky
so deep the eve would pale his grief
with feelings harsh as hail

resume the cold draft air
puddles pour a bath
cool as pools to lap
leave a brooding lurid laugh

the Antarctic blast
cast the frigid fate
would make a heartache
in need of warmth

thank you for waiting
beside my garden gate
thoughts of you relate
sharing your soul

in a world at peace
i see you bearing treats
under the elegant pine
work boots on your feet
like a diamond in a mine

let me understand
everything too difficult to say
I search for meaning
in your well being
a portrait to portray

douce the flame of fantasy
put out fires rigorously
reticent in recent years
to advance in my infancy

lose the truth reluctantly
learn from cunning secrecy
elevate the lethargy
that chokes what spoke in clarity

hide the whim of wisdoms sting
like bees caught up in a bunch
I’d like to catch the reason
never let it go

when I hear rain
I get fearful all over again
calm collect me writing then
in prayer for an eloquent pen.

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