with you

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with you in the world
tears glisten
as I listen to the sound
of raindrops on the ground
growing gracefully old
more than rain
cry across the plain
wash away endless sky of gray
overcast the hurt and pain
like streams of consciousness
blurt the love of guilt I know not of
flowers still-life wilt
yellow white stems perfumed
my heart is full to think of hue
endangered only seems
a wasted tangerine
exhibits blush of ruche
roughened by the blues
I so need sky
to fly on speckled wing
to lose the most of things
I alone in ego
trace my steps Amiga
in hopes the carefree sprite
effervescent sparkles bright
telling tales spinning spills
in hurried whim
to let the good times in
the sheer lithe memory
swim here this century
bless the rest of everything
heart of a champion
in the minds of gallantry
waters gush into pools
pale bluish green
do not hurt the coy
yet feel the joy of summer rain
that feels the cool upon the face
has timely mix
the angels may assist the soft truths
that call you here
in peace and love
western dove
the acceptance of a dream
a willow by a stream.

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