Buddha in my arms

friendship | poems

green leaves mellow wind
gone the facade a remnant of rage
wearing silks the girls will twirl
as well you may to catch happiness
shy we carry on yet youthful
in the derby hat looks on from far a place away your soldier
tarnished we are more
precious worth every day
words more than swords may separate-
blessings for a little girl I love so much who tries
we give our cries for hugs till the end of time
takes away all the pain
to pursue skies of blues inclement rain
I will try to change
Buddha in my arms
Sappho please remain
cool is ever so quickly quiet
pouring fluted champagne
tumbles of bundles of straw
callous I trample inconsistently
banal alliances to flirt with hurt
humbled by your petticoat
repair the broken spoke
that brought me hope to cope
in stalls to broom so to speak
your person in the wings
of an eagle clad in low rise jeans
for time around royal blue ocean
in winter white near death thought of you morning dove in morning
dew-respond sweetly serenely seen
of love missing the path
a gentle evening from yearning
a now as ever eventful evergreen
walk to the ocean
hand in hand
I love you with all my heart
I hurt her I am eternally sorry
turn around my tears fall in summer for
my alabaster chiseled chum who
takes my grief raising me to
the sun never the same
yet never to part in soul
to hide her in my hope chest
beyond a sandy saunter
tears the most of
wonder in blue/gray eyes
so pretty
and I her friend summoned
will turn my will
to higher places beyond pearl strands to the promise land
forever if you will forgive my blunders as I rollup the sidewalk for a smoke
embrace her hug so sweetly given
a sacred trust as written
then let me give her my confession
that she may seek higher ground
not to suffer again
from a red fairy’s rude awakening
and if you believe in faeries clap
your hands
not a woman nor a man
humbled by all that you are true
to yourself flowing with the tide
I so love you baby blue
no jealousy from me will wound your pride again sweet friend.

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