the more I love

love | philosophy | poems

cast a line unbroken bond an anchor fonder foibles gone, in the blush
of summer warm a trip enthused
to dip my muse in leaves of gold to leave a portrait mold the mask
clay crazed with ink on porcelain, pinches pots tall and slim what
have me nots walls thin obscure red cadmium, a chance to paint my
upon the gates to fence me in-in bravery to battle sin
one settles for a common theme as more distraught a flaw have been,
but for a whim to win or lose with everything-amused the losses
prove-moving me to choose the blues/
pink hues in skies of gray-and were it yet the way
I feel for you today, the more I love, the words
have more to say, in gratitude and prayer I try
again to care
coming about in the wind without
coming apart as it seems, to win my dreams.

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