patch a fallen tie

earth | God | prayers

You are the paper sky
you are the pencil shade my eye
hold my hand I cry your tears
she is the cradle in my sunrise
the stranger of my surmise
too quick to say goodbye
patch a fallen tie
gold-leafed charm
a calming heart
why wonder we cannot see
the Earth in all her finery
grateful for your gallery
reserve the rite to be
among her bless-ed best
a summer rosary
rise and shine she calls upon request
love not wavering
those humble sweet seasons
for savoring
sought of give and take
children born for humblings sake
a keep sake for safe keeping
Gods gift to win
a smile for your grin
good fortune’s Phoenix
center ’round the ring
pray for strength from weakness
to happen the day
daughters and sons
catch us in His arms
hugs till day is done
regard the setting sun
without harm for anyone.


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