the wake of dreams


an empty canvas blank page
egg wash rages on a stage
in the mist midst twinge
singed leaves fiery sun
left to die enflame the sky
never ending
cold August nights forget
to remember
hot July sparkles
flags waves dust particles
hit the road going back
to the first moment I saw
the overall overalls
purple bandana
write overtures for you
you paint fingernails blue
want to hang a portrait of you
in the Parrish museum
read a thousand sonnets
in your night
watch you bloom
dig deep in your beloved soil
heal yourself while helping me
and in
society gain a sense of mastery
over authority in compliance
self reliance improves your diet
you speak candidly
I accept your privacy
a mood in tune with June
and all you may access in the
courage to successfully discover
beauty hiding in the wake of dreams
what you are is what you seem.

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