penchant peace


penchant peace and heart purveys release of what her mind downplays
these daring days a symphony for the elderly/a riot she is elegance
dancing in light of harmony, an artist creates
dreams nocturnal streams, baptized by her right to flourish,
nourish her tender love, welcome the summer
true to the season outfitted for comfort complications
corrupt her upset her till sunset has her sink into the
sofa she owns her smiles and frowns one minute to
American Idol-she misses this weeks NY Times-
daughter is crazy loves her anyway lazy and mean to Penny
but she loves her yuman bean-it’s simpler than it seem,
laughing with her kid till June gets her goat, then mom wants to take
it on the lamb-and then I wrote as dad would say, trying to hit every
note, and the greek chorus
will come towards her in the morning, mother is bored she looks to the
fickle finger of fate like a baker of cakes filling it
with filling frosting whatever it
takes, relating to her environment
like a fireman putting out fires
as the days inspire in the mend
of her heart that breaks to lose
her friend, chalk it up to experience,
her art is her significance.

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