the milieu


I hear the lull of a lure in lullaby milieu, hesitate a borrowed fate
to remedy a memory seen where you’ve been, unheard to know harmony
occurs with windows of the spirit,
a mirror of history, recording the path down back ally ways that climb
like a cat to the top of the stair starved imperfection at the very
mention of her name without question that lead me to pools of
aquamarine cool water fresh pure clear as those sparkling deep
gray/blue eyes that well up with tears to sympathize my humble
cries-looking for a sunrise to brighten the day, forgive me my lies I
know not what I said, empty your anger and I will do the same, open
your heart let go of the pain, I humbly ask God to remove all defects
of character-I walk
in the pouring rain of tears loving from afar so many
years I am sorrow you are golden, words are flowing
to the depths of my soul I am broken, you remain soft spoken, the girl
of my dreams I reminisce, shy as an overcast sky.

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