such good luck

family | poems

unto my heart as semblance be
a soul my twin in age of three
my kindred spirit as often do
became the bravest one I knew
in the reign of mortal men
I look to you with sadness then
as history made us friends
you are Portia I am Puck
with love ever present
such good luck
our fortune more than wealth&fame
believing in you sweet rose again
and having tried to turn the tide
with you love you by my side
I scream and cry
tell of ancient pain
yet one thing true
so proud of you
tell me not I never cared
to listen to your heartfelt prayer
for I am an unmannered claim
of broken trust and stricken strain
and if you be but merry
when else you can rely
in my heart I carry you
in gratitude and pride.

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