regardful of the past

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you were a million little girls
they dressed you up in cuffs and ribbons
an Arbor Day celebration
offered in a dilapidated treehouse

insightful sleek musician
regardful of the past
responsible decision
as marked by years of wisdom
consider all the witness
in the fitness of an hourglass

surely purely cure the vow
do not kill a baby chick
never eat a cow

cook the root vegetables
stewed fresh fruit in jars
mango is delectable
as is the sweetest peach
remote-all your prayer and preach

and if you need a meat
beans are firm and sweet
good hearts good hearts regards
I love you
for the older days
and happy is
a most unusual bond

important step
as romaine is a God
I’ll have you know
that the cigarette
is no more air to charm
for we are all one God
to find ones self most fond.

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