philosophy | poems

it is a matter of your time that mends to memory the sinews of your
mind softly spoken messages that meld in the pell-mell
protective heart a woman undressed in the dark before a man and
kindness is at hand and
is no crime for the botanist to depart
for deepest heart beneath the floral hanging of your leaving in the
evening some hidden response the worst is won the demon gone in the
moon lit month of June she is no fun but tough the ordinary to
sublimity makes her, baby blue a need for a trip to the carribean
immediately some
surreal sea sunset a summer sweet
celibate sacrifice sends your memory to the Gods to label the day
beautiful a calligraphers tile her smile
in my file handing over the keys
to unbolt your afterglow that spares the broken speak of speech-rejoice
regards your our hearts in liberty.

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