when we were young we were older than time
coming from the other side.
when we were born the stage was set-with stars
moon sun oceans rivers lakes streams.
animals in their majesty depend on the kindness
of nature.
love ephemeral creative eccentric thoroughly
kinetic-more committed than ever grateful
for every day to give and to receive a genuine
moment shared with those special someones
who forgive my worst encourage the best,
and laugh with tears in eyes it’s just so funny!
the cats Molly and Cisco speak and understand
a good deal of English-Grandma my mother is
visiting-I explained to m & c they’ll be having
supper in the computer room tonight. they
understood perfectly and sat down on the
futon looking like chickens do-I presented
them with their 2 plates of their fave tilapia
they seemed interested so I left the room and
joined mom in the kitchen-she had served up
mushrooms & peas, string beans, sesame
noodles and before mom could get a shrimp
with cocktail sauce in her mouth Molly had
jumped up on the table trying to swat mom’s
shrimp out of her hand to the floor. Mom is
not really an animal person so I had to tell
her don’t yell at Molly mom-cat scratches
can be terribly painful! Then in a high pitched
voice mom was saying get down sweetheart-
get down baby-I interceded and gruffly said
get down! actually we didn’t laugh over
this story-I don’t even know why I’m
telling it?