slay the dragon of disparage
burst like a fountain at dusk
emancipate the chain of loss
found are the grounds to walk
at the end of the day
traffic going every which way
head downtown
place papers in a purse
face the evening things could be worse
final chances undo a curse
that drown sorrows shattered
getting fatter nothing mattered
until stifled air hurled me to the floor
not strong enough to bear the weight of worn
a mighty tug upon a heart of hurt
a dangerous flirt with everything
inert-I heard the gentle calling
of a girl sleep-walking in the world,
falling from the river bank into
a swirling stream away from land
swimming with the tide far out
to sea-letting her go the biggest part of me-duality in identity-do
not suffer endlessly-climb the rocks serenity
and let it be
a dream
in thoughtful memory.