summers heading into falls berries brought to bear in thistles,
inclusive care the ones gratified and grappled with excelsior, the
burning bush push/pulls away the secrets of a lifetime overlapping
streaming waters, gleaning portals insightful to see others formidable
forcing the lock open so much water so much depth
to win ones sorrow on the overlook to shut the decent moon at nights
most elegant ledge a friend to all that pledge their little lives
to each the waters edge and seek asylum in the cycle
sent-hurt not the ministry you might randomly
rent for you maybe an experiment of those immortal men-don’t let me
down if you cannot exclude the pain then try to reason with it and
apply yourself again-my friend-good hours upon the blend of good work
great music in harmony will serve not abuse it-to let us go is no
choice but badly bruised battered faculty-we shall hope for a better
reality and praise and question with ones own capacity
caught in the augmented chords of bliss and harmony
a gentle morality in the mindful
frailty of flowers bloom a passive
worry May is in a hurry to give us June in all her energy to rise fair
youth to tell the truth of a God in crying for help felt every
heartbeat for forgiveness for His thrown the way of kings the bay if
pigs the love of home the love of Christ some castaways in lieu of you
to feed with spoon cling silver colored gold handcuffs to hold you
back from love some distance great that keeps us still to appreciate
the highest in a rather precarious position in the greatness of the
witness is the goal, sick and tired to be left out in the cold the
people are expendable the means does not support the end we can
pretend all is well and right in the world but ah me we seem to suffer
the arms and bullets of misfortune to take a seldom peace a harm out
of harmony, alarmed at lack of ease until forgiveness and the
gratitude of men begin the end of bitterness to blend a woman’s tears
to the abundance great need and great loss I bid you be well in the
aftermath of to hope for the end to such holocaust and thank parental
feeling to last a lifetime long to ask The Lord for equal gifts for
everyone pie in the sky? then I ask for peace and no more deaths to
die-and forgive this scribe who looks to the Gods to reduce our pain
so help us God…