a better heaven

to hope for a better heaven
in the far distant course of rivers winding
in the night sky dark as dying
fraught a storm received with tears
reclaimed throughout the years
duality takes her pride with jeers
to suddenly no warning disappear
the sweetness more than honey
to the bee
bemused life is funny when to tease
the absolute the grand pursuit
a momentous harmony
a zephyr slips across the sky
for just an instant caught my eye
if you leave me I will cry
upon the beach grass blown
winds will come to sacrifice
a little of their own
a friendly retreat will have me repeat
cloud cover like a shroud regress
the happiness I feel for you
deepens to depress
the greatest of the healing find
the feeling resents the mind
bless you heart and soul a text
importance adherence will not be vexed
pleasure in your rosy cheek
your countenance smooth mellow
a patient pearl for all the world to see
embedded in her halo
oh the joy to see the girl
a smile in her sweet hello
a lucky day to live to know
how kind the dappled day will be.