sleep weep depth defying doubt
for happiness the child drifts
clouds pink purple encircle phantom moon
lit the nether night of fuzzy air
breathing stars in candy coated silver
wait the moon to give shine
to the Earth below bond glow
simpatico birds fly in unison sideways
across embossed seas roaring
falling on the wings of Mercury’s heels
the advent trembling choreography
heavy metal in his armor
brought to your heart soulfully to honor
black opaque sovereignty
jet streams negative space
in a race of trust
that the planets will align
arch angels unwind
the palms of plenty remind the time
to shake with joy the brimming birth
the worth of life on the earth
the sweet mention of
nothing tense will love will-out?
a mothers constant care
crusade the cradled rock
broken brooks the dignity blocked
dim undaunted we do our day
with tears yet so fettered unfeeling
to pursue a life with you
if only to unscrew
the angle of an angel flown
as roses bloom in places known
where pain shame suffering
threw the heart away
leave the body to swim into the sky
to try to lift a voice to God
to ask Him why?
turquoise stones sterling silver ties
taking refuge away from bright
rest on laurel leaves
heavier than light in misery
sadness borrows sorrow
hollow as a heart in flight.