in somber summer sways
so sweet the seldom ways
that swept the rain as wept
wet upon the window pane
crept courage ageless credulous
the waning moon jealous
tenuous the trust as just melodious
betwixt the kisses vengeful
mesmerize memories amenity
fluid find mercury
slip like quick silver destiny
breath a silent wreath
that whispers speech in harmonic pleasure
quell the quill as feathers will resume
in twinge the ring of better states
surround the sound of give and take
no hail the stone frail fragment found
shattered shale of rocky ground
simply pale the moon is round
and I for one cannot bear
the rest of time alone
inside the outer rigid roam
holding back gentle tears
the corrosive wake
a blurred visions treason
in a girl without reason
recede reckless rivers writhing
past the pace sip the lip of lying
in the middle of resonance
caught the benevolence
the moon since afternoon shining
warm to the bones heartening
pondering I know no enemy
a personal rescue remedy
you knight of my days
around circles twirl amused
enthusiasm blends the blues
in a moody evening mood.