where nothing grieves

polite moon-lit summer eve
sense serene leaves rustling
tender animals of the forest
forage food mildly

abundance sing bird in grasses
chip monk squirrel feed their need
on juicy stem an endless weed

in solitude nature proves to ponder
as slow the raccoon go to find a drink
possum play where stalk is thick
lily pond to wade the wild grass
no light when night is black as ink

but for stars
before a tempestuous dawn
has your heart forsworn a swooning moon

in gentle circles swim the loon
rare birds fly in pairs to sea
wild duck ignite a drunken cry
all the love the beauty in your eye

end remorse with nature
wind through pine and evergreen
shake the laughter out of trees
fall the leaves
where nothing grieves.

branches bending low

overwhelmed by spells
quell a realm bring rings as worn
by trees in the center
where the heart sleeps

waiting for an answer in fall
often watching the moon
I think of you

celebrations run the year
we try to hear the underlying
undying word of love as clear
as a fantasy forgives forever

cool and crisp windy ground
whip and chill the dirt to flirt
leafy crinkled crunch snap
branches bending low
half asleep we wait for snow.