stability a mobility
ability a mentality
a noble cause
chivalry not dead
a plastic mask a rented bed
thank God my body is still mine
a slice of bread to mend
to feed a vacuous state of mind
you lead me here instead
with everything that you have said
willingness to win the wars
wellness will right the stars.

a hope to heal

is illness but cold dark abandoned shed of tear? to think about you
dear so far from home and feelings of a castaway lost to throw stones
across the bay, to hit the mark as stake a claim, wellness the
priceless pit of peach
amid the center-reach, cling to the fruit to feast.
when moon is full
on some romantic beach, moon pull ocean the sandy stretch, a pageantry
of starlight where dreams are met,
seek sea birds in flight
dart like targets in the night of lofty flutter a shutter of
focus that zooms in on the horizon-fits of fog dissolve before another
sun, a hope to heal the moan of mourn unearth the morning dazzling