poor little fishes

poor little fishes in the sea
what become of you
what become of me

in my heart
life start
startled by the crashing wave

we remain
today is near
i love you dearly

in obedience i may cherish
she’s the only one just her
civil disobedience never cross her
with grimace and censor

calm midnight blue
sigh the night away
paint is a great cooperating

dusty pink sand in yr boot
where am i when you are mute

mutual hearts say it all
spring into summer
from a fall to winters frozen frail
winter babies all
i love you most of all.

in the twinkle of a starry night

in the twinkle of a starry night the
hurt felt bones receive an ocean depth
that wept in stream of tears sweet as
baby’s breath

immaculate amulet will you accept
a stone skip a summer set morn

cornucopia, the dawn
a verse to believe in the Lord
hale the wail that scale the wall
i try she cry they die and why?
that never meant to cause you pain

a dream of self the me
exclaim the fiery flame
she may never be the same
eyes fill with rain
adapt dark night conceive the light
faraway green a theme of horses free
instill me their imagery
a brush with paint
pursue a Saint
His laughter of virility

the distant miles
where are you
empowered flower 🌹 in the Spring to spring in Springs and sing to the bees and the birds ever forever in thought to inscribe

this wish become the mist so missed
the miss throws fits
her mind is blown to bits she grieve without her wits
to write the like of writs
like this brisk wish in
star filled sky

her beautiful mind
aligned starshine bright
her kindness sublime
day and night.

i adore the Earth

i adore the Earth my home
a place to call my own
the river bend and moan
the ocean white with foam

i hear a bird at dawn
she sing a lovely song
i see the sea is blue
the horizon and Heavens too

i see a sea of sky
that fill her gray blue eyes
in hope there is a prayer
for God to always be there

will you see me someday
where we may work and play
i pray for you to be okay
my heart is full and gay

i long to see you smile
across the cloudy miles
i fear it’s but a dream
to have a world for my girl and me

don’t worry baby blue
for i remember you
my messenger my guide
my starry night your moon won’t cry.


gallop apace

artist’s statement:
horse show is a gathering of sketches in pastel charcoal acrylic paint on canvas that represent form and line in the shape of the horse.
there is a connection that i find with the horse and mysticism that cover the world terrain in sunshine and in rain the blissful and the pain, an archetypal picturesque painterly quest drawn from night till dawn
a heavenly bequest.
please take a moment now to look beyond the plow, sincerely i am freed by painting every steed. part of my private collection.
best wishes,
june kaplan

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blow wind blow

blind wind blow snow pack punch timid time reject be gone leave eave the roost farewell warmth’s habitual memory static fantastic temperature plunge redundant duties done to sleep in shadow shade
fade a sinking sun
bliss kiss the risk of mist revert redeem
the evergreen hid amid a sleeve of sheen

angels frozen to the wing crackle to the fired wick quick as moths to a flame as do i to hear your name sweet refrain branch upon window pane fields wheat as sweet as grain flourish across the dewy plain in sunshine and in rain

whistle of a train rail through hill and dale
moonlight bright or pale blue sky and windy gale i feel for the ones i fail from my
powerless jail

time capsize my mind the need to be as free tender as a tree restless as the sea
when i was young and 23.

in winter

in wake of ocean depth blue sky
upon water cry tears of rain from heaven
the benevolent good stood to understand an understated favor fated by the greater sweeping of His hand elated beaming moon lit night stars bright kiss the dark invite the dawn to come along in swirling storm a surly sea born the fathoms sanctity the sun subdued a grayest hue replaces you but black and cloudy doubtful day recede to grieve the bay it seem time lost in rhyme stir the spray undercurrent play overtures the pounding surf suck the surface of turf hurl a world away, seagull dive to stay alive finding fish that way fly distant reaches geese go in a row to warmer beaches-above the horizon shining in moon glow shimmer golden
glimmer snow in winter.

first snow

first snow
light dance in the aftermath
a curious stance
we thank
the Gods
words music paint
faith in fate

glamorous engagement await
butterflies sleep through winter
bird take flight from everything
emancipate her broken wing
heal with song to sing
a chorus hark
eyes sparkle spark
an angel dark

ocean depth breezes swept
the sparrow leave her nest
a work of art writ from the heart always at her best
the question of the quest
a guest a natural transition
transcend complete the cycle
nature is her bible
she love her work the animals in the wood
across the landscape her cathedral.