starting gate

artist’s statement:
starting gate is a compilation of recent works. some were painted in my mother Penny Kaplan’s studio in NYC, the excitement of the city translates to the
romantic colors and movement of the imagery-fantasy plays a major role
based on intuition and often divine intervention by my spirit guides Zeus
Juno and Apollo, they are a force of good, they help me paint write play music
on my little Yamaha piano on a daily basis-all they ever ask of me is to take
care of myself which i find is a daunting task-some of the work is in private
collections, my own collection, the collections of friends and family-some of the work may be seen at The Whiteroom Gallery, Bridgehampton NY March 16 – April 8 2018.

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soul survivors

artist’s statement:
some of the images repeat themselves as
in the previous gallery starting gate,
yet the thematic horse imagery looms large in my psyche.
each drawing of the horse is different from the next disputing the television theme “a horse is a horse of course of course…”.
there placed in a field and/or countryside
one may be able to sense a mood or better
still an emotion captured in the image at the time of its appearance on canvas, for i have been known to be an emotional person, given to that i have my moments and i believe the paintings reflect this.
thank you to the viewer, i hope you may enjoy “all the pretty little horses…”.

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Horses 2017

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ode to my mom

you gave me life
blossom in winter
getting thinner
lovely cuddly
continual dawn of day
in the sunset
of her youth
she speak her truth
immaculate spoof
the ever changing wind
rain to wet the chute
to the root
the winter welcome
her brilliance
astute her pursuit is neat
warm hands warm feet
an olive branch extend
the dove so much my friend
attentive mild mend
any hurt i wallow
she fill my heart
like a walk in the park
shades of gray tint
light to dark
she means so much
everything to me
no need to search
for my significant other
tho lonely like a stone
i have
my beautiful
significant mother
she welcome
without exception
me back home
so much self expression
she is
the quintessential conceptual
in reflection
mirror the images in her mind
paint the rain as wine
to master and to find
design that bind
a rite
that write the rhyme
grace the space
perceive the weave
between the lines.


grounded in reality from a life imbued in fantasy school of thought sad rhapsody the world revolves the casualty the heartfelt faculty slight of hand grips the gripe of melancholy your image in memory the woman of my century to sink or swim our chemistry a temperamental remedy-my elemental melody, ancient path to hear yr laughter lovely as a reverie.

decide the time

—to The Lord

decide the time to live in reason the rhyme may hide the inquisition can’t move but tears that swoon a moon glistens and i a lonely shell called home reduce to tears yr ancient thrown and curses of all time be past let go the hate an inner faith a second date a second glance a second chance-with dire debt receive the love you seek has left and right the world in spin and whirl there is a task that mask our youth the losing game of hurt and pain may curse the way you seem denied to live and love like any guy i promise you we’ll never stray and pray for you on holiday-please accept our lives at best the world is yours when with blessings won? please please our peace the need is great officiate before too late believe in us as we believe in you a theory of the golden rule and if by chance the cold may sting as bees to the honey the plays the thing so recess retire we care we tire we cry the tears you will not fear for it would be as it once was before the time was born beside still waters sons and daughters hear a prayer for you to care once more let there be a renaissance let there be life, come join us and bring your wife.

too tired

too tired along the rainbow bridge
fell temples in the place of figs
stir a word conjure joy
miracle by end of day
dispel the myth that serve to pray
as ever was a realized man
to bring us to the promise land
in fire fury take my hand
in wonderment for you little lamb
pursue your guru drive a subaru
coax a camel out of pocket
professional curtesy symbolic
don’t turn away i need your expertise
examine the mind for a fee
defy deny derive conclusions
metabolic intrusions
my kingdom for an answer
to my prayers
help me help myself
this is my despair
so help me God.

death a part of life

death a part of life
the final curtain
a role well played
that we should come to this
forever and a day
i look to you
my light in shining powers
awestruck the final hours
a forest for the flowers
tears wept for every living soul
upon the soil of toil
moon and stars the sun
wrapped in silver foil
wind call out to the sea
ocean midnight blue
from deepest depth the heart
as ever true
stream rivers sudden fish
a golden hue
red and yellow snapper
snapper blues
misbegotten ocean bottom floor
i feel i know in letting go
you love me more.

Upcoming Group Show

Abstract Anarchy: Absolute Freedom of the Individual

Opening Reception: Sat. May 6th 5-7pm! Live Music
The White Room Gallery, 2415 Main Street, Bridgehampton, NY 11932
Phone: (631) 237-1481


Artist’s Statement:
the seasons play an important role in the work. i best paint at night when the full moon is bright.
colors dance from golden/old Holland acrylic speaking to the set designer in me-thus a throwback
to years gone by as a stage actress in Chicago Illinois.
i express feeling/
temperament through the horizontal line. i wish to resemble a touch of realism with an
abstraction form to convey tender
renders of splendor.
i am an open channel, trying as i might be channeling Matisse Monet
Van Gogh Picasso to take my hand
that i may create a piece of peace and love. i am devoted to the art of the draw

she lift the world

swing string
spin wheel
before time
flutter strands of golden wands
golden in sunshine glow
crystal butterfly glow harvest moon
grow cypress a grecian wood
spun young maiden head to toe
knowledge in her
eyes cast metallic blue
beauty before you
lady dally therefore in fields of
rosy evergreen

shadows pursue pastures sweet sway
wind rain snow
hers to know
forever younger drift
she lift the world
waves in summer
wistful winter wake white cap slumber

hints of spring
longshoreman in a storm
attract her mirrored image robust lusty strong
righting all the wrongs
singing her sweet song
night invite bright white light
greet the dawn frolicking fawn
and free her.